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Breeds are the Topic of the New Cross Country Magazine

Members can now access the online version of the CSDEA Cross Country magazine by logging in to the site and going to the magazines stored in the Documents section of the site. 
Our editor ran out of room and wanted to share a taste of the topic for all visitors to our site.

Spotlight on Levi

    PT Larkin (or Levi, as he’s known at Cross Creek Stable)  is a ¾ Holsteiner, ¼ Hanoverian, 13 year old gelding, owned by Ruth Rensink and trained by Heather Salden Kuntz.  Levi exhibits the build and athleticism of the Holsteiner breed, standing 16.1, bright copper bay with black points, mane, and tail.


    Levi was bred and born on the Prairie Thunder Holsteiner Ranch, near the Black Hills of South Dakota.  His sire is Resero, from the Ramiro line of Holsteiners, and his dam was a Holsteiner/Hanoverian cross.  Levi’s mother was severely foundered due to an irresponsible prior owner, and he was her only foal.  Because of her physical condition, she spent a good bit of time lying down to rest.  Levi learned to come up to her and nudge her side to nurse.  She would then lie flat on the ground and he would get his milk.  Because of his dam’s issues, he was originally christened PT Miraculous Prince.  He still exhibits the same ingenuity and kind personality he showed when a young foal.


    Eventually, PT Miraculous Prince made his way to the Pacific Northwest, and after a time ended up in the capable hands of Gail Redinger, of Redinger Dressage in Sandpoint, ID.  Gail, a noted GP rider and trainer, renamed him PT Larkin, and his real dressage training began.  Gail  had great success showing Levi through 2nd and was developing him for 3rd when she decided to market him last fall.


    Heather and Ruth had been searching diligently for the right horse, and were the first callers when Levi’s ad was published on Dressage Daily.  A couple of phone calls, and a trip to Idaho – and it was quickly decided that PT Larkin was the one!


    Levi had a 1400 mile trip to MN, arriving during the week of Thanksgiving.  He has proven to be a talented and kind athlete, and Ruth and Heather are enjoying the chance to show Levi what dressage shows are like in the Midwest.  He is currently showing 2nd, with plans to move to 3rd. He is a favorite in the barn and is adept at earning his carrots and sugar following his training sessions!


    • The August 30-31 Jennifer Truett Dressage/Biomechanics clinic is now open for on-line auditor registration. Click here to read more about this clinic and to register.
    • The October 11 - 12 Paul Belasik Clinic is now open for auditor registration (rider applications must be done via "snail mail). Click here for details.

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    Here's how to beat the heat...

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